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for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners 

Time to Upgrade your Website, Social Media and Email Marketing


As a business owner and entrepreneur, you have a vision, an objective, a mission. 

Building your brand and website, by yourself, is not on that list. Your job is to build the business, my job is to create and grow your digital brand and online presence.

Let me help you.

I’m Michelle Morton, I work with entrepreneurs and small business owners to help create the online presence of your dreams, so you can continue to stay focused on growing your business.  

Let’s build a premium digital brand and online presence.

You decided to start a business. Amazing! Now what? You’ve researched, planned, and now it is time to execute. You know you need a dynamite website, but you have no idea where to start.  

You want to build a website that truly represents your vision, but your expertise is not in branding or web design. It could take months of learning, designing and building.  

You need to hire a professional, who can make this happen, on time and on budget.  

You are not alone! I completely understand and not too long ago, I was there, in the same place, wearing your same shoes. And since then, I’ve helped many entrepreneurs and small business owners design, build and launch their online presence.  

Now, let me help you.

Imagine being able to focus on building your products, perfecting your services, networking, focusing on business development, all while your website is being built to pixel perfection.  

Imagine owning a website, social media and email marketing tools that communicate your vision, earns the trust of visitors and turns them into customers.  

This is Exactly what I do.  

Wordpress Website Design by Michelle Morton
Wordpress Website Design by Michelle Morton
Wordpress Website Design by Michelle Morton
Wordpress Website Design by Michelle Morton
Wordpress Website Design by Michelle Morton

A Word from the Wise

Valerie Brown - VBC Consulting

“Michelle is extremely competent and detailed-oriented. Her ability to problem solve and create effective solutions and strategies is unrivaled. Michelle is a true leader in the digital media and communication industry. She consistently seeks and delivers effective cutting-edge solutions based on technology and sound analysis. Her project and management skills are exceptional and enables her to effectively lead her staff and deliver outstanding results consistently.”

"True Leader in the Digital Media and Communications Industry" Valerie Brown, CEO and Executive Coach at VBC Consulting

Connie Allaire - Allaire's Consulting Management Firm

“The work completed by Michelle and VIRTUALVillage Media was EXCELLENT! She was very receptive to site changes and completed the project ahead of schedule. The review of the website has already received rave reviews. Allaire’s Management Consulting Firm plans to continue working with Michelle and VIRTUALVillage Media. We would highly recommend the work of Michelle and her team to professional colleagues and friends.”

"Excellent Web Design for Small Business and Entrepreneurs" Connie Allaire, CEO, Allaire's Management Consulting Firm

Alton Cheaves - Department of Defense

“Mrs. Morton is the consummate professional. Smart, Quick Wit, Experienced Program and Project Manager with a perfect mix of customer service and IT technical skills specifically in Digital Signage, Network Management and Event Planning. I’ve had the pleasure to work with Mrs. Morton for over 8 years now her level of competence, professionalism and customer care has not wavered in all those years. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Mrs. Morton for her next opportunity as she is a TOP Performer and will make a good company — Excellent!.”

"Mrs. Morton is the consummate professional." Alton J Cheaves, MPA, CSM Director, Strategic Programs Joint Service Provider - Pentagon Defense Information Services Agency


Time to go from a DIY (Do It Yourself) Website to a Professional Digital Brand and Online Presence.

Now it is time to really decide if you are ready to make this type of commitment. I understand that this is a big step. This is the point where you start asking yourself all sorts of questions.  

Do I really need to invest in marketing my business?  

Is it worth the money?  

Only you know the answers to these questions.  

You know it is time and you are ready to up-level your business if: 

  • You have decided that your business is no longer a hobby, not a side project, but your passion.
  • You need to provide an online experience that creates trusting and loyal customers.
  • You want to be confident and proud of your website, social media and email marketing.
  • You are ready to showcase your business to the huge digital space, known as the world wide web. You are no longer local once you go online.
  • You have dedicated hours to build your business, and now you are ready to invest in a professional digital brand and online presence.  

That means you need to sit back and let me take the reigns.

So What's Included

Complete Digital Brand and Online Presence One Package, One Price. 

1-on-1 Digital Brand and Marketing Consultation 2 Hour Virtual Session to Develop Brand Vision and Strategy Custom Color Palette, Typography, On-brand Images, Mood Board, Brand Board

Domain Name Registration and Web Hosting Yes, no need to worry about these logistics. 1 year included.  

Custom Designed Premium Web Solution Homepage Design + 7 Custom Designed Web Pages  

Plus ALL the Bells and Whistles for Optimum Functionality Installation and configuration of best plugins for security, back-ups, SEO & more.  

Blog Design and Development Drive traffic and keep your content up to date with regular posts to your audience.  

Social Media Design and Development I will create 3 branded images for the social media channels of your choice  

Email Marketing Design and Development Let’s start building your list. Your opt-in form and newsletter template header included.  

30 Days of Post Launch 1-on-1 Support The last thing I want to do is pass you a beautiful product without any support.  

+ Bonus

Enrollment the the Rapid Results Workshop A Part of the Convert2Customers Series A self-paced e-learning experience, that will guide you through the success path of converting leads into tangible, paying customers. ($197.00 Value)

YES! ALL OF THAT FOR ONLY $6000 Need a more custom solution, membership, online courses, shopping cart? Contact me and I will provide a custom quote!

Are You Ready?

Yes! Of course you are ready! You would not have read all of the above and gotten to this point if you didn’t think it was time to take your digital brand and online presence to the next level.  

This is your passion.  

This is your freedom.  

This is your brand.  

This is your business.  

Your business is ready. Your customers are ready.  

So that means, it is time for us to get ready.  

We’re a perfect match if:

  • You know the value of a professional image and how it can increase customer sales and retention.
  • You are ready to grow as an entrepreneur and business owner. Time to play with the big boys and girls.
  • You want 1-on-1 attention and collaboration from me as we build a digital brand that communicates your vision and passion.
  • You love your business, but have absolutely no time to build a website, social media and email marketing tools.
  • Technical? Not really you. Or just not the first thing on your long list of to-dos.
  • You are passionate, independent, kind and authentic!
  • You can deal with my silly humor and giddy personality.
  • You are ready for my OCD tendencies when it comes to Getting Things Done. (Well I am a PMP Certified Project Manager).  

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take? 6 weeks. Of course this depends on how fast we get items approved at each phase of the project. I only schedule a minimum number of clients per month to be sure I can be a dedicated resource to your project. Once you complete the HIRE ME form, we will get you on the books and schedule the start date of your project.  
  • Payment. How and When? The project will be broken down into two payments, 50% at the start and 50% once we launch. We have an invoicing system, Freshbooks, and everything is automated. You will also have a dashboard to check payment history and balance information. So cool.  
  • Are there any hidden costs? There are not any hidden costs. All costs including domain name, web hosting, theme and premium plugins are included in the project rate. Your domain name and hosting will need to be renewed annually. You can choose for us to host your site or use another hosting provider.  
  • What tools will you use to build my digital brand and online presence? We use Wordpress for the content management system. We use Adobe products for design.  
  • What if I need more custom solutions like a membership site, online courses or a shopping cart? Let me know on the HIRE ME form and I will provide a custom quote.  
  • When my website is finished, will you be able to help me with marketing? But of course. Let’s cross this bridge first, establish a trusting and productive relationship, and then move on to growing your online brand and presence, using your website to convert customers.

What's Next? The Process.

Strategic Planning

Kick Off.

Design & Development

 Time to Launch

  • Well first, you hop over to the HIRE ME form and confirm you want me on your team. Yaaaay! Click Here
  • I will send over the contract, new client profile form and initial invoice (50% due upfront).  
  • We celebrate with coffee, desserts or cocktails. Whichever makes you happy. :D  
  • Digital Brand and Marketing Consultation: Share your vision through planning worksheet, pinterest boards and the digital brand and marketing consultation. Based on your initial new client profile, I start working up slides, vision, and mock-ups for the kick off meeting.  
  • I provide you with logins and access to Freshbooks (invoicing), Google Drive, and Asana (project management).  
  • Time to Kick Off! Ready to conquer this project. Hold kick off meeting.
  • You provide me with all design assets (e.g. video, images, web, etc.)
  • Design and Development Begins: This is where all the heavy lifting and the magic happens. I will provide mock-ups of the proposed design, while you get to know the project management tools and work hard to build your business. Once the mock-ups are approved, we dive into development.
  • Approval Time! You will approve pieces of the project as we go along, but this is the final and most important approval. #Excited
  • Launch. We did it! Our hard work has paid off and now it is time for you to continue growing our business.